Little Feather has been Released to Halfway House in Hostile North Dakota

Little Feather has been denied serving his time on probation at home with his family in New Mexico. BOP (Bureau of Prisons) has purposefully placed him to do his 120 days at a halfway house in North Dakota starting on July 17, 2019. It has been on record since camp in 2016, and the years our family dealing with federal charges have been in jails and house arrest, that North Dakota is incredibly hostile and dangerous for water protectors from the locals and police. Before probation denied the move to NM, they had refused to interview Little Feather's family, conduct background checks, or visit Little Feather's NM home.

The ND halfway house will require Little Feather to have employment in order to keep his bed. But there are court filings, media accounts, and personal accounts proving that NoDAPL federal defendants were not only threatened and harassed in ND, but could find no employment while under house arrest throughout 2017 and 2018.

Little Feather has survived incarceration! Please send prayers that we will get Little Feather home to his family, where he is needed most!

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