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Little Feather is required to complete three years of supervised probation. When he was released from USP Hazelton in July 2019, he was forced to live in a halfway house in North Dakota. Little Feather's hope was to be released to New Mexico, where the majority of his family lives. However, the federal system ignored this request and sent him back to the state where his federal charges stemmed from. He is honored to have such a loving community in Bismarck! I want you to understand that it was the UU folks that really stepped up and welcomed him in their homes and community. Without them, this transition would have been a sh**show! Big shout out to the Bismarck community that really showed him unconditional love and support. (Also, just to mention Freshet Collective have been big supporters too.) Now, for the next journey which is his request to transfer his supervised probation to New Mexico. This was recently submitted, so burn some sage, cedar, lay down some tobacco, please. All the prayers and positive energy are needed for this. Little Feather currently is working at Little Ceasar's pizza, so if you are in the area stop by and yell "MNI WICONI" and tell him hi. He really loves hearing from Water Protectors and people around the world. Feel free to reach out to him on social media! Please do not forget about the NoDAPL political prisoners. Each has so much going on, prison, restrictions you would not believe, family so far away, then the usual life stuff. So it's really important that you give them support when possible~ WATER IS LIFE!

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Little Feather has been placed in Hazelton USP which is a maximum security federal prison. This penitentiary is located in Bruceton Mills, West Viriginia. Here is where to send mail: Michael Giron (Li

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