Who is Little Feather?

Michael Giron, "Little Feather," is a Water Protector from the Coastal Band of the Chumash Nation, raised in Santa Barbara, California. 

Little Feather came to Standing Rock with his family. While there, he was of service to the elders and the community. Daily he would check on the elders, retrieve water, chop and deliver wood, cook, clean, give rides, rescue those in need, and so much more. Little Feather created special relationships with those around him. He has a giving heart and spirit to those that know him. His Indigenous spirit will be forever changed by his experiences in Standing Rock. 

Little Feather, was charged with Civil Disorder and Use of Fire to Commit a Federal Felony Offense, arising from events of October 27, 2016 at Standing Rock.


After months of legal struggle, on February 8th, 2018, Little Feather accepted a a non-cooperating plea agreement with the prosecution.  Under this plea agreement, the Use of Fire charge – which carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years and the possibility of up to 15 years in prison  was dropped entirely, and Little Feather plead to Civil Disorder. The plea agreement was accepted by Judge Daniel Hovland, who presided over the case.

Little Feather and his legal team were facing monumental challenges including the prospect of trial with a hostile jury pool, limited discovery, and the risk of a long prison sentence. While the judge had the authority to sentence him to as many as five years in prison on the Civil Disorder charge, prosecutors and defense attorneys jointly recommend a sentence of 36 months. This is a non-cooperating agreement relating only to Little Feather’s own actions and did not require any testimony or information about anyone else.  He was sentenced  on May 30, 2018 and later transferred to Hazelton, a maximum security penitentiary in West Virginia.

Little Feather is greatly missed by his family and community. There are a number of ways you can support him. Please visit his support page to learn how.

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