How to Support Little Feather

Your support to Little Feather means the world to him!

Little Feather has been moved from the halfway house in Mandan, North Dakota. He currently resides with in Bismarck, ND, only 1,200 miles from his family

Please support him during this transition.


  • Write to him:

Michael Giron "Little Feather"

PO Box 578

Mandan, ND 58501




  • Work to support ALL people locked in cages. Other people incarcerated in Hazelton USP are looking for pen pals. If you are interested in writing to someone in prison, e-mail OR send us a Facebook message.


  • Continue fighting to protect the water!

  • Divest!


  • Join the mailing list to receive updates and stay connected with his family and support group


  • Keep him in your prayers



Drawing by Little Feather, done while incarcerated at USP Hazelton

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