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How to Support Little Feather

Your support to Little Feather means the world to him!

Little Feather is in a halfway house in Mandan, North Dakota. Please support him during this transition.


  • Write to him:

Michael Giron "Little Feather"

Centre, Inc.

100 6th Ave SE

Mandan, ND 58501







  • Work to support ALL people locked in cages. Other people incarcerated in Hazelton USP are looking for pen pals. If you are interested in writing to someone in prison, e-mail OR send us a Facebook message.


  • Continue fighting to protect the water!

  • Divest!


  • Join the mailing list to receive updates and stay connected with his family and support group


  • Keep him in your prayers



Drawing by Little Feather, done while incarcerated at USP Hazelton